Sugarloaf CID LCI

Project Location: Gwinnett County, Georgia

The Sugarloaf Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Major Plan Update was a planning study led by Gwinnett County and the Sugarloaf Community Improvement District (CID). The study was an update to the original 2002 LCI study and was funded through the Gwinnett County SPLOST and the Sugarloaf CID. This study was not funded through the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) LCI program, however the process follows and meets ARC requirements to be grandfathered into the LCI program and, is therefore, eligible for future implementation and supplemental study funding.

This plan was a visionary master plan for Gwinnett’s Downtown, which is already an established and well known regional entertainment and retail destination. Centered on the Infinite Energy Center, Downtown Gwinnett is envisioned to be home to a mix of uses that provide residents, area employees, and visitors with the opportunity to “arrive early and stay late”.

Key issues addressed in this master plan included:

  • Create Gwinnett’s Downtown: a walkable, mixed use, 18-hour entertainment district.
  • Encourage complimentary uses to the existing flourishing entertainment districts, designed to encourage people to stay in the area before and after events.
  • Create connectivity throughout the community with enhanced sidewalks, purposeful trails, pocket parks, and multi-modal transit access.
  • Create a sense of arrival and distinct character for Gwinnett’s Downtown.