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Stonecrest Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

The Stonecrest LCI included the study of a 2,500 acre area, which is adjacent to I-20 and includes the Mall at Stonecrest. The study goal was to provide a vibrant, high density mixed use regional center near the expressway with less dense mixed-use nodes to the south that respect the rural and historic character of the area.

The Mall at Stonecrest was truly the heart of this community. In order to gain vital feedback from area residents and those who frequent the area, we set up a design charrette in the center of the mall. We invited passersby to join us to provide concerns, design concepts, and visions for the study area. Subsequent to this charrette, we hosted a bike tour of the study area where before/after renderings were displayed to give the community a better idea of what ideas would look like on the ground.