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Savannah State University Master Plan

Project Location: Savannah, Georgia
Completion Date: 2011

Located at the edge of the water, on the Southeastern edge of town, this HBCU institution sits within the unique context of Coastal Georgia. This setting also brings limits to how they grow as flood plain, wetlands, and a canal bifurcate the campus. The institution wanted to look at the implications of growing from 4,500 HC to 8,000 HC.

The proposed solution moves vehicular circulation to the edges and activates new entrance and exit ways as a way to reduce traffic conflicts in the heart of campus. Most new academic buildings are located in the west core and are organized around courtyards oriented towards the canal. New housing along the perimeter is also organized in courtyards. Site improvements along the canal and shore are meant to enhance the Coastal Georgia character and draw students into passive recreational activities.

Services included:

  • Review of Goals and History
  • Analysis of Existing Conditions: Buildings, Site and Space
  • Projections on of Future Requirements
  • Master Plan
  • Implementation: Reallocation, Phasing and Cost
  • Real Estate Evaluation