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Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Project Location: Peachtree City, Georgia
Completion Date: 2020

Sizemore Group worked with Holy Trinity Catholic Church to create a multi-purpose room with a modern and inviting space for the church community.

The original multi-purpose space consisted of high, exposed ceilings and HVAC ductwork, making it feel more like a noisy, unfinished space. The challenge was to modernize the multi-purpose space so that the youth and community would be excited to use it while still keeping the space consistent with the rest of the church. The team also needed to incorporate technology into the design, updating it to meet the church’s needs while keeping it user-friendly.

The final design created a vibrant, updated space for congregants to use in a variety of ways. To increase the utility of the space, the team replaced the movable stage with a fixed platform. For the ceiling, we designed curves and slopes to give the space a theatrical feel. The sloped ceiling and halo lighting create an intimate setting for banquet tables watching a production on the stage.

Additionally, we added a 3D decorative focal wall to house a large LED video screen, which added life to the space. The cork boards and acoustical panel were carefully placed to optimize sound and functionality while serving as a design feature.

Sizemore Group also had the opportunity to update the church’s Parish Hall with new finishes, flooring, acoustic wall panels, paint and lighting. With these design changes, the space now feels alive as the heartbeat of the church.