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Davis Oaks Townhomes Private Develoment

Project Location: Decatur, Georgia

Project Scope: Residential-21 units, 2.6 acres, 74,070 sf

Sizemore Group, LLC worked with Richport Properties, the surrounding neighborhood, local commissioners and the DeKalb County Planning Staff to redesign the Davis Oaks property to create a model welcoming residential community while preserving as much land as possible. This was successfully done through the re-orientation of buildings to face the street, vehicular access from rear courtyards and the preservation of 34 percent of the site’s existing green fields. The project successfully integrates 21 townhomes on a 2.6 acre site with both the surrounding neighborhoods and adjoining, intense commercial intersection.

The L-shaped design promotes more contemporary character on the busier urban street and cottage character on the quiet residential street.


  • Master Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Administration