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Community of Hope / Circle of Friends Master Plan

Project Location: Ball Ground, Georgia
Completion Date: 2020

Sizemore Group recently had the opportunity to develop a conceptual master plan of an intergenerational, neuro-inclusive community in Ball Ground, Georgia. Sizemore Group placed emphasis on creating community-driven elements such as the strategic organization of residences to public buildings and amenities to promote interaction, integrating environmental branding opportunities throughout to add personality, and incorporating placemaking elements.

The Community of Hope is an organization of friends (adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities [IDD], neurotypical peers, and older adults) who engage with one another to create opportunities to live with purpose and acceptance in community. The organization strives to create an intergenerational, supportive, and empowering residential community for adults with IDD, neurotypical peers and older adults alike.

The conceptual master plan highlights a neuro-inclusive co-housing community with single-family and multi-family homes. The neighborhood hosts a live-work-play atmosphere by harmonizing residential homes with access to various amenities, such as a community building with a pool, a café, a church, and public green space. Communal interaction is promoted in the residences through the incorporation of large front porches and front facades that open to shared green space.

Sizemore Group also had the opportunity to assist the Community of Hope/Circle of Friends with rebranding and finding opportunities to incorporate their brand into the conceptual master plan.