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City of Smyrna Town Center and Market Village

The City Center, located 15 minutes northwest of downtown Atlanta, is the focus of this Urban Land Institute award-winning Public/Private Development led by Sizemore Group. As the Executive Architect, Sizemore Group provided a design solution that established a Village Green with a Main Street extension. This 28-acre site is now a mixed-use Town Center with a Community Center, Library, Municipal Services Building, Public Safety Headquarters and Fire Station. Sizemore Group served as Architect, Programmer, Planner and Interior Designer for Design and Site Development.

Sizemore Group also provided the design for the retail, loft and office spaces that were developed privately. The success of the entire project prompted financial gains for the City.

“Smyrna has enjoyed great success that comes from dedication to a well-rounded plan and the willingness to adapt that plan to changing conditions. That success in redevelopment and community building stands as a model for other cities. The enviable position that Smyrna enjoys today began with our downtown redevelopment, which began with Sizemore 26 years ago. That productive and forward-thinking partnership continues as Sizemore Group has remained in the relationship, whether working on projects with us or not. Dedication is the key to unlocking potential. We have had a continued “unlocking” through the years with Sizemore Group.”

– Mayor Max Bacon


  • Architecture
  • Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Interior Design