Catholic Church of St. Ann Master Plan and Design

Catholic Church of St. Ann Master Plan and Design

The goal was to analyze the church’s existing facilities and to provide preliminary design services including a new Master Plan, nave renovations, new narthex and youth center additions. Sizemore Group provided a detailed report that summarized the findings and recommendations of collaborative efforts of technical assessment and the parish consensus. The technical assessment involved architects and engineers interviewing key operations personnel for recommendations on future needs. The collaborative efforts of the parish involved assemblies, surveys, questionnaires and various interviews of the ministry leadership including the Pastor and liturgical consultant.

Once funding capacity for the next five to ten years is determined, Sizemore Group will work with the church leadership to review the priorities set forth by the parish community.

“‘Different hearts, different lives, one in the name of God; different hurts, different needs, we are one body, one in the name of our God…’ These lyrics to a song we often use best describe who we are and why our church facility is so important to our family of parishioners. Though we all lead different lives, we all come together as one family each week. While some would say the building is unimportant, it very much allows our parishioners to gather in a place they can call ‘home.’

“With that in mind, we contacted The Sizemore Group as one of five possible architects for our 2007 church renovation project, and Sizemore was the one who captured that feeling of a family worship space in their design—the spectacular sanctuary, the curved pews, the new lighting packages, and the unique exterior all embodied on paper what we envisioned in our minds.

“The Sizemore Group was very flexible in making changes to the original design, be it for budgetary reasons or for aesthetics. We insisted early on that we would not spend more than we collected. Sizemore’s design and subsequent modifications always kept that at the forefront, and we were able to meet our original budget. We were very pleased with the ongoing communication and the final product. Based on our experience, future renovations, which will undoubtedly come, will include The Sizemore Group as our architectural firm.”

– Pastor Tom Reilly


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