This facility is an expansion to the College of Education. It houses classrooms, offices and the Literary Center. Located north of the existing facility, with its main entrance facing the quad, the building creates an edge along a key pedestrian path. It is clad in brick and incorporates the use of materials in the existing building as well as others adjacent to it.

“From the very onset of the project, we were impressed with the time, effort, and care the Sizemore design team gave to the creation of our building.


“Bagwell’s large New Building Committee, comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators, engaged in many highly collaborative sessions with the team to conceptualize a structure that would meet our needs and accommodate our vision. Each iteration of drawings reflected Sizemore’s ability to patiently and carefully listen to our ideas, creatively expand upon them, and offer possibilities beyond our imagination.”

– Arlinda J. Eaton, Dean and Professor of Curriculum, Bagwell College of Education


  • Programming
  • Architecture
  • Construction Administration