DATE moved into three different leased facilities during the school’s brief three year history. Sizemore Group showed them that it was possible to purchase their existing building, to increase the number of K-8 home room classrooms, and to add science labs, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium at a carrying cost which they could afford. Initial sketches showed the Board and the Parents that it was possible to achieve their dreams. The time line was also incredibly compact because of the financing time line, and the need to purchase the building before their option ran out. Sizemore Group put together a Design-Build team who worked together under the compact time frame to allow the interior renovations to be completed during the summer months, and the support spaces in the addition to be complete soon after. The addition is a low energy, low maintenance, fully daylighted building.


  • Interior Design
  • Renovation
  • New Addition Design
  • Program Management
  • Architecture
  • Financial Services
  • Programming/Scope Definition