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We take space and give it spirit.
Sizemore Group was founded as a firm dedicated to sustainable architecture that serves the public good and inspires, as well as motivates. The firm broke ground in the 70s as an early proponent of energy efficiency through daylighting. In the 90s, the firm introduced Visual Programming, a collaborative and groundbreaking approach to Strategic Planning that defines and balances the needs, scope and budget for a building. We then took this building-level tool and adapted it to more complex situations, like town centers, with multiple players and interests. This approach not only gives all stakeholders a substantial voice in the planning process, but results in projects that better serve the most needs. Sizemore Group is once again breaking ground in the 21st century as we design and plan sustainable towns and campus environments. Our work often serves as the catalyst for other development and redevelopment, which helps create a sense of place, culture, history, and community. Determined not to merely build structures, the firm is on a Mission: to fill every project with a spirit of community, to create environments that bring about the best in all of us, and to instill a sense of shared values and memorable experiences. Our Goal is to create Architecture with a Higher Purpose.